Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley
Click here to find out how to volunteer!

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
Click here to find out how to volunteer, and click here to find
out how you can foster or adopt a companion bird!

The Gibbon Center
Run by Alan Mootnick, this center is devoted to saving all
species of gibbon from extinction.  It's truly a wonderful place,
and I highly recommend going on a tour, particularly early in
the morning so you can hear the gibbons sing.  I've met Mr.
Mootnick (in fact, my class at EATM assisted him with a few
things, and we toured his facility), and he knows everything
there is to know about every species of gibbon in the world.  
Located in southern California, his facilities are a magnificent
example of care and enrichment.  If you have a love of lesser
apes, this is the perfect place to donate or even volunteer.  
It's truly a worthwhile cause.
here to find out how you can donate to help these
disappearing primates.
here to see how you can volunteer.

Wildlife Education
Do you want the coolest, wildest, and still most educational
show you could possibly get to come to your school or
event?  Then hire
Wild Things, Inc.!  

Wild Things, Inc.
P.O. Box 191 Weimar, CA 95736
Tel: 530.878.2618
Fax: 530.878.8518
Contact Them

Wild Things is owned and operated by a family, and is a
non-profit corporation.  They help rescue and rehabilitate
wild animals that can't be released back into the wild.  I was
an intern with them for a week, and I've seen their shows.  
You won't find an animal presentation more engaging, funny,
and intelligent anywhere in California.
If you hire them, tell them an EATM grad sent you.  ;-)

Ronin Air Falconry Service
here to find out about their falconry shows.
here to find out about their raptor handling classes.

This multi-purpose falconry service not only provides
abatement services, but they also provide raptor handling
classes!  Ever wanted to hold a falcon or learn the ins and
outs of the ancient sport of falconry?  Is your company
looking for an innovative team-building experience for its
employees?  Then RAFS is for you.  They also provide
falconry demonstrations for schools and events.  Ask for
Kenny Elvin.  Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, he's
an excellent teacher, patient, easy-going, and quick-witted.

Conservation Ambassadors
Click here to visit their Zoo to You site.
here to visit their Wildlife on Wheels site.

David and Anita Jackson are fellow EATM graduates (though
they went through the program a lot longer ago than I did).  
They provide all kinds of wildlife educational experiences.  
They work primarily in southern and central California, but
you can sometimes find them up here in the bay area.  I've
personally seen their facilities and met their staff, and I can
tell you they are well worth visiting.


Happy Hollow Park and Zoo
1300 Senter Road
San Jose, CA 95112

Help support this local zoo once they finish their remodeling
and reopen.  Among its staff are several fellow EATM
graduates.  I had the enormous luck to intern with them for a
week.  The zoo is very open, and you and your children get
to see how the food was made, talk to the keepers, and pet
many of their animals!

Oakland Zoo
9777 Golf Links Rd
Oakland, CA 94605

This large and beautiful zoo is host to a wide variety of
animals.  They also perform educational outreach for
schools, and you can find out about that
here.  I helped with
this department, among others, while I was an intern there.

Abatement and Pest Removal

Ronin Air Falconry Service
here to find out how you can hire them for their
abatement services.

Do you have a large pest bird population?  Why not get rid of
them naturally?  Pest birds can become habituated to other
methods, but falconry is time-tested and always effective.
Remember to ask for Kenny Elvin.

Airstrike Bird Control
Click here to find out how you can hire them for their
abatement services.

My friend Kenny Elvin also works for Airstrike Bird Control.  
They perform the same pest bird abatement services as
RAFS.  Choose either one, and ask for Kenny.

Joe and Wendy's Reptile Rescue and Rattlesnake

They provide professional reptile removal services, as well as
reptile rescues.  They are humane, and relocate the reptiles
to other homes (if they are pets) or farms and other places
where they'll be welcomed in their capacity for controlling
rodent populations (if they are wild).  They don't have a Web
site, but if you have a reptile problem, contact Doug at
lizardmn2@hotmail.com.  He can also be found working at
East Bay Vivarium, and volunteering at local zoos.

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contact us and let
us know!