Artemis Animal Training
As we're expecting twins, we are not booking new clients at this time. Our prices remain the same for our existing customers. Please contact us with any questions.

I do not charge extra for distance or mileage. Time includes only time spent at your house, not from my door to yours.  I do not charge for additional animals, but I do charge for additional time.  So for example, if you have two dogs, but they are too rambunctious to be walked together, you will be charged for the time it takes to walk them one at a time.  If, however, you have two cats, for example, it will take me about the same amount of time to feed them, water them, and clean their litter boxes as it would if there were only one of them, so I don't charge extra just because you have two cats.
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Training session $60
Pet-sitting Fees
Subsequent visits in a day are discounted by $5.  For example, if you scheduled three 15-minute visits in one day, your total would be $15 for the first visit, plus $10 for the second visit, plus $10 for the third visit, totalling $35 for the day (instead of $45).  

There is no extra charge for multiple pets.  Additional pets may affect the time required, however.  To give you an idea, I can generally do minimum care (feeding, watering, cleaning) for up to 4 cats in 15 minutes.  The fewer the pets, the more time for enrichment, or you can pay for a larger amount of time to ensure enrichment time for your pets.
15 minute visit $15
30 minute visit $20
45 minute visit $25
60 minute visit $30
Just let the dog out to do its business $10
15 minute dog-walk $15
30 minute dog-walk $20
45 minute dog-walk $25
60 minute dog-walk $30
Dog park visits are no additional charge.  The dog park must be within 5 miles of your home.

There is no charge for additional dogs, only for extra time.  Keep in mind when scheduling that more dogs means more time for picking up waste or, if they don't walk well together, more time for untangling leashes, so if distance is a priority and you have multiple dogs, you may wish to budget more time for the walk.

Just like with pet-sitting, subsequent visits in a day are discounted by $5.
Cancellation Policy

There is no additional fee if you cancel a scheduled visit as long as you do so at least 60 minutes in advance of the scheduled visit.

If you cancel a scheduled visit before the visit begins, but within 60 minutes of it's scheduled start time, there is a
$10 cancellation fee.

If you cancel a scheduled visit after I have already arrived done the work, you will not be charged a cancellation fee, but you will be charged the regular rate for the visit.

If for some reason I am early, and you make a good-faith attempt to cancel as indicated above, you will not be charged for the visit, nor will you be charged a cancellation fee.


If you run out of essential pet supplies (food, litter, medication, etc.), there is a $25 fee for me to go to the store/vet/etc. to obtain more, in addition to reimbursing me for the cost of the replaced items themselves.  I will try to obtain permission from you before acquiring the replacement supplies, but if the supplies are essential (food, or medication required to keep your pet alive), then I will simply acquire the supplies if I can't get in touch with you.

Holidays, mileage, additional pets, key pick-up, key drop-off, initial consultations, payment pick-ups

There are no additional fees for any of these!
We accept:
  • cash
  • check -- please make checks payable to Jennifer Mitchell
  • credit card
  • Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express
  • credit cards payable in person only
  • charges are made via my iPhone using the Square app from
  • Paypal -- please deposit to